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Our Duty



"It is our duty to provide all our patients with the highest standard of dental healthcare. Our team here have the skill and the experience to achieve this goal. Our team has had many loyal and happy clients in the past and we wish to grow our dental family even more."

Our Dentist



Prisca graduated from the University of Otago with a bachelor degree in Dental Surgery in 1999 with credits. She has over 15 years of experience in all aspects of general dentistry and has a keen interest in aesthetic / cosmetic dentistry. She is well known for her kind and caring personality and strives to keep her patients comfortable at all times.

Our Services



We offer a consultation for any dental complaint you may have.  Our dentist will examine your teeth and will provide you with treatment options that will suit your condition.  This will include an x-ray to help form an accurate diagnosis.


Our Checkups includes full mouth examination including your teeth and soft tissues, and a 2 bite-wing x-rays and also full mouth scaling and polishing.


For the anterior tooth fillings, we use a composite resin material that is the same colour as your teeth, this will create a good cosmetic appearance.  For the posterior teeth, composite fillings can be used for small sized cavities. However, for bigger sized cavities that require extra strength, we recommend an amalgam based filling or a crown. 

Tooth extraction

We always prefer to save your teeth, however in cases of severe tooth damage or advanced gum disease, extraction is the treatment of choice. We have more than 20 years experience in this treatment method. Some extractions may need to be done surgically due to problems like impacted wisdom teeth, densed jaw bone and also unfavourable roots shapes or anatomy. This will be done witht the patient fully informed of all the procedures and risk involved. Patient will be required to fill out a consent form to ensure they make informed decision.​​​

Root canal treatment

All our teeth contain small central channels called root canals, which provide nerve and blood supply to the tooth.  Damage to the nerves supply of your teeth can be caused by extensive bacterial infection from tooth decay, or by traumatic injury causing fracture of the tooth and its root canal.  In both cases the tooth will require a nerve treatment called Root Canal Therapy.  This treatment involves removal of the infection in the root canal and restoring the tooth with a filling and a crown.  The procedure of Root Canal Therapy requires 3-4 visits to complete.

Crowns & bridges

Patients who suffer extensive damage to their teeth, where they are not strong enough to hold a filling may require a crown to protect the filling.  Different types of crowns are available with different prices.  The type of crown suitable for your teeth will be discussed by your dentist.  Patients who have missing teeth due to trauma or previous extractions can have a Bridge inserted into the missing tooth gap, this procedure will be discussed by your dentist.​​

Periodontal therapy & gum disease treatment

We recommend to all our patients to have this service once every 12 months. For patients who have a tendency of heavy tartar build-up, we recommend this service every 6 months. Patients who have a high tendency of tartar build-up in a short period are recommended to have this service every 2-3 months.


Complete denture

Immediate denture

Partial denture



Opening hours

Monday - 9 A.M to 5 P.M

Tuesday - 9 A.M to 5 P.M

Wednesday - 9 A.M to 5 P.M

Thursday - 9 A.M to 5 P.M

Friday - 9 A.M to 5 P.M


68 Saint George Street

Papatoetoe, Auckland 2025




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